Monday, January 18, 2010

Futsal and the Deaf Player Tournament

As we all know futsal (Futsal Skills Drills) is a game that is set in a rather small pitch. The game itself uses high skill of ball control using feet. Whether or not the player is deaf is no longer an issue. In futsal (Futsal Skills Drills) there is a World Deaf Futsal Championship and the national player representative comes all around the world. Futsal game can be supportive to them and plus will make them a lot healthier.

The Second World Deaf Futsal (Futsal Skills Drills) Championship is held in Bulgaria 3 years ago in 2007. 24 teams represent their own country compete for the crown. Ukraine take the first place for men and Germany take the first place for women. Futsal (Futsal Skills Drills) is a sport that is very soccer/football like, but only in a smaller court. The ball was also less bouncy and perfect for dribbling and passing straight forward.

Using tactic with accurate passing, this sport can be fun and interesting to all stage of age. Fast past of game play is a norm and can boost stamina and burn fat to all the futsal player. This sport can be a good recreation sport.

PS: Welcome 2010! May Futsal grow more popularity and support